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Lakhuji Jadhav Biography Facts Life Marriage

Lakhuji Jadhav biography

Lakhuji Jadhav was an unmistakable grandee of Sindkhed Raja in the present-day Buldhana region of Maharashtra state during the sixteenth century. He was Jahigirdar in the court of Nizam Shahi Sultans of Daulatabad in the present day Maharashtra.His little girl was Jijabai, the mother of Shivaji, originator of the Maratha Empire. She was conceived on 12 January 1598 and wedded at an early age to Shahaji Bhosale, an aristocrat and military authority under the Adil Shahi sultans of Bijapur right now Raje Bhosale, originator of Maratha Empire was his grandson and second child of his girl Jijabai and her better half Shahaji Bhosale.