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History of Shiv-jayanti

History of Shiv-Jayanti

Shiv Jayanti or Shivaji Jayanti is a celebration and open occasion of the Indian territory of Maharashtra. This celebration is commended on February 19, praising the birth commemoration of the Maratha ruler, Shivaji. This celebration is praised in a little degree outside Maharashtra. A few people praise this day by Hindu Calendar in Maharashtra.
History of Shiv-jayanti
shiv-Jayanti celebration in Aurangabad


In the year 1869, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule found the tomb of Shivaji Maharaj on Raigad and composed the first and longest Ballad on his life. Shiv Jayanti was begun by Mahatma Jyotirao Phule in 1870 with the main occasion in Pune. From that point forward Shiv Jayanti developed an enormous scale. After this, Bal Gangadhar Tilak attempted to join individuals during British Oppression through Shiv Jayanti. In the twentieth century, Babasaheb Ambedkar additionally observed Shiv Jayanti, who was double the leader of Shiv Jayanti's program.

Shiv Jayanti – Importance today! 

Observing Shiv Jayanti in the genuine sense is to treat Shivaji as a perfect and act appropriately!

Dear companions, we will observe Shiv Jayanti as indicated by the Bharatiya schedule framework. Do you believe that observing Shivaji Maharaj's introduction to the world commemoration is restricted to playing reverential melodies or organizing rivalries of enthusiastic tunes? Shiv Jayanti, in its actual sense, ought to be commended by setting out to teach all the ethics that Chhatrapati Shivaji had.

Directly it is commended as a celebration. We should change this circumstance, as the need of great importance is to lead a perfect life like Shivaji Maharaj.

Thoroughly analyze our way of life with that of Shivaji Maharaj!

Messing around

Messing around that created warrior frame of mind: Shivaji used to mess around, for example, wrestling, daandpatta (the synchronous utilization of two diverse handheld weapons), horse riding and fencing. These games created temperances like valor, battling soul, contempt towards treachery, warrior frame of mind and initiative in him.

Companions, great ethics establish the framework of our lives. In the event that we play such ideals building games, at exactly that point would we be able to build up these ethics.

History of Shiv-jayanti

Virtual games lead towards obliteration and thus ought to be prohibited: At present kids play virtual games on PCs. These games, for example, rash driving of vehicles, executing anybody or each other with firearms, and so forth., start dangerous and unreasonable considerations in their psyches.

Companions such as games debilitate and degenerate youngsters' psyches. Attributable to the virtual idea of these games, youngsters begin living in a virtual world and think that it's hard to adapt up to this present reality. They become self-situated and energetic contemplations like 'I need to live for this Nation' don't go to their brains. As there is no affection for the Nation, how might they secure it? Kids, reveal to me whether we need to get tainted by playing PC games or set ourselves up to secure the Nation and religion like the incomparable King Shivaji did by arousing the disposition of a warrior inside us? Let us presently resolve to put a restriction on playing PC games and play genuine games. This is the correct method for observing Shiv Jayanti. Will you do it?

Perusing and tuning in to stories

To soak up great subliminal impressions: Shivaji constantly used to peruse and tune in to anecdotes about Shriram and ShriKrushna. These genuine stories are brimming with commitment, enthusiasm, and detestation towards bad form. They stirred inside him dedication towards the Nation. In this way, he had the option to limit the vile Moghuls.

Nonexistent and false stories increment corruption: Today, kids peruse and tune in to fanciful and false stories like 'Batman', 'Spiderman'. Therefore, they live in a virtual world. Characteristics like patriotism and enthusiasm are not produced inside them. Thus their personalities are debilitated.

Youngsters disclose to me whether we might want to become enthusiastic like Shivaji by seeing genuine epic stories like 'Ramayana' and 'Mahabharata' or to get feeble disapproved by prepared nonexistent accounts of 'Batman'. Let us guarantee Shivaji that by following his standards, we need to make a perfect Nation. For that to occur, from today ahead let us vow to peruse and tune in to genuine stories.

Offering deference to guardians

Stay away from egotism and develop modesty: King Shivaji used to bow down before his mom and offer regarding ordinary. This created modesty inside him. Goddess Saraswati lives where there is lowliness. Subsequently, Shivaji aced numerous expressions.

On the off chance that we wish to become like Shivaji, we need to pay deference to our folks every day. Numerous youngsters nowadays talk inconsiderately to their moms. In what manner can such conduct develop modesty? We should guarantee Shivaji, 'O incredible ruler, pardon us for not recalling your goals. From today forward, we will offer regard to our folks consistently and develop modesty inside us.' Friends, will you guarantee to do this? Carrying on in such a way is really observing Shiv Jayanti.

Following the right perfect

To follow standards of Shriram and ShriKrushna: Shivaji glorified Shri Ram and Shri Krishna. Kids' brains are shaped by the goals they follow. On the off chance that our standards are acceptable, at that point, we additionally become in like manner. So it is critical to hold the correct beliefs.

Mistaken to romanticize a famous actor: Presently celebrities like Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir and so forth are kids' standards. Companions, an individual molds himself as indicated by his/her beliefs. What righteousness do these individuals have which is useful to the Nation and society? Companions, they act misleadingly on the screen however, all things considered, they are a long way from perfect.

The individual we choose to follow ought to have great excellencies and should try to do what he says others should do. Companions, King Shivaji was this way and consequently let us pick him as our optimal.

History of Shiv-jayanti
shivjayanti celebration 


Loving the family divinity: Worship was the very soul of King Shivaji's life. He used to recite the name of his family divinity and appeal to God for the assurance of Religion and Nation as Shivaji accepted that his realm was his family. Goddess Bhavani had even given him a sword to help vanquish the Mughals.

Not offering significance to love: Today, kids don't give any significance to love/supplication. Therefore they don't have valor, satisfaction, and expansive mindedness. They abstain from offering evening supplications and reciting. Rather they burn through that time in watching kid's shows, films, and TV serials.

As there is no substitute to love/petition, let us resolve to begin it from today. Ruler Shivaji would welcome it and by doing this, we will offer an ideal tribute to Shivaji.

Goals to be made on the event of the birth commemoration of the extraordinary lord Shivaji:

A. I will recite the name of my family divinity regular and prey for the advancement of my Nation.

B. I will peruse epic stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata ordinary.

C. I will offer deference to my mom day by day.

D. Admire ruler Shivaji.

E. I will watch enthusiastic serials dependent on extraordinary King Shivaji, Queen, of Jhansi, and so forth., and develop musings like'The Nation is my family'.

F. Present my companions with King Shivaji's life story on their birthday.

G. Peruse Shivaji's youth accounts of valor.

H. Learn Karate and club used for self-protection.

Dear companions, let us do the accompanying and guarantee King Shivaji that we will set ourselves up to ensure our Nation!

A. I won't talk presumptuously with my mom.

B. I won't wear western garments.

C. I won't warmly greet anyone, yet will offer namaste.

D. I won't watch kid's shows from today.

E. I won't play PC games.

Companions, on the off chance that we attempt to watch every one of the above focuses on our conduct, it would be genuinely observing Shiv Jayanti. On the off chance that we carry on in like manner, an Ideal Nation according to Shivaji's desires can be manufactured.

Let us offer our appreciation to God for causing us to understand our present state and furthermore for recommending the cures. 'O Goddess Bhavani, we implore you to invigorate we all the and mind with the goal that we can consolidate the above in our conduct!'