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9 Forts That Prove Shivaji Maharaj Was The Greatest Ruler Maharashtra Ever Had

9 Forts of Shivaji That Prove Shivaji Maharaj Was The Greatest Ruler Maharashtra Ever Had

  • Shivaji Maharaj, Maharashtra's most prominent warrior lord known for his great military and guerilla fighting, is regularly referred to as Maharashtra's pride. His professional organization alongside key arranging drove him to a street of triumphs. He was the pioneer of building India's first-since forever naval force to secure Maharashtra's coast. Idolized for his strategic administration, trained military, benevolence and high regard for ladies, Shivaji Maharaj was credited to have had control of right around 360 fortifications in his reign in Marathwada. 

    As you wander through the Western Ghats and the Konkan Coast, you will see mountains delegated with strongholds and excellent fortifications skimming over the Arabian Sea. The majority of them lay dismissed and unattended. Promise to deal with these strongholds as they are on the whole Maharashtra's pride. Jai Maharashtra Majha, Garja Maharashtra Majha. 

1. Torna

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Torna's first quill on his regal crown, Torna was Shivaji's debut triumph at the youthful age of 16. Having rechristened it to Prachandgad, Shivaji Maharaj built landmarks on its enormous spread. 


  • Sinhagad FortAfter scaling a precarious bluff and taking on a ruthless conflict against the Mughals, Tanaji Malusare lost his life. His sibling assumed the responsibility and prevailed upon the post. Lamenting this misfortune, Shivaji Maharaj contritely stated, "Stray aala, dish Sinha Gela" – We won the post, however, lost the lion. This clarifies the name and its significance in the pages of Maratha history. 

3. Raigad

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In the history of Maharashtra, Raigad was the capital of the Maratha Empire. It was hither that the royal investiture of Shivaji Maharaj as the official king of the Maratha Empire took place. the fort was purloined and destroyed by the Britishers in 1818, much of its glory still remains. Shivaji Maharaj breathed his last in this fort.

4. Shivneri

Shivneri Fort
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Shivneri FortA seventeenth century stronghold, Shivneri is the origination of Shivaji Maharaj. The fortress conveys little sanctuary of Goddess Shivai Devi after whom he was named. 

5. Vijaydurg

  • Vijaydurg Forta lovely and a secure ocean fortress, Vijaydurg is viewed as perhaps the best triumph. Utilized as a stay for Maratha warships, Vijaydurg is surrounded by the Waghotan spring. 

6. Sindhudurg

  • Sindhudurg FortOnce an incredible maritime base for the Maratha Kingdom, this ocean stronghold presently stays an excellent history. It impregnates the main sanctuary devoted to Shivaji Maharaj and furthermore protects his impressions. It is a famous visitor goal and ships are accessible to arrive at this spot. 

7. Rajgad

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Rajgad The recent capital of the Maratha Empire, Shivaji Maharaj made numerous rules and drove history-vital turning points from here. He went through very nearly 26 years of his life here. The post has seen numerous age making occasions like the entombment of Afzal Khan's head, the introduction of Shivaji's child Rajaram, the demise of Shivaji's Queen Saibai, and the arrival of Shivaji from Agra. 

8. Pratapgad

  • PratapgadPratapgad is acclaimed for the experience among Shivaji and the strong Afzal Khan. It was here that Shivaji's actual rule started after he crushed Afzal Khan, making this stronghold one of the most significant occasions in the Maratha history. 

9. Lohagad

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Lohagad Having vanquished this post twice by Shivaji Maharaj, Lohagad held its prime significance because of its vital area. The exchange course to Khandala was watched from here.