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Dharmaveer Sambhaji Maharaj Biography

Dharmaveer Sambhaji Maharaj

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was a true Dharmavir who, like his father Shivaji, bowed before Aurangzeb, but Aurangzeb tortured Sambhaji Maharaj for more than 40 days. Hindus must learn how to make sacrifices for Dharma from Sambhaji Maharaj. He was a Sanskrit language practitioner. He fought alone for 9 years with a large army of Aurangzeb. Shivaji and the Maratha rulers kept Aurangzeb in Maharashtra for 5 years and finally establish Hindu rule in northern India. Sambhaji Maharaj waged war against the Portuguese in Goa because they were converting Hindus to Hinduism and had demolished Hindu temples in Goa.

Early Life

At the age of 2, Sambhaji lost his mother Saibai. After his death, he was taken care of by his grandfather Jijabai. Initially, his stepmother, Sooyarabai, also suffered a lot. Sambhaji was a real tiger cub. He was very handsome and had a lot of bravery. He was a teacher of Sanskrit and eight other languages. In १6666 he was married to Yasubai and later they had a son named Shahu. On the anniversary of Shivaji Maharaj's rule, he was declared the king of the sovereign Maratha State. Many co-rulers of the coronation ceremony have written about their intelligence, intelligence, personality and most importantly their humility. As a prince, Sambhaji showed his gallantry and military glory on more than one occasion. He won and won the first war at Ramnagar at the age of 16. He led successful campaigns in Goa and Karnataka between 1675-76.

Estrangement and reconciliation with his father

        Shivaji Maharaj's wife, Soirabai, lent politics to some other court for Sambhaji's strangeness. Almost a year later, Sambhaji left Shivaji's state and joined Aurangzeb's army chief, Diller Khan, as part of politics. This came as a rude and extremely sad blow to Shivaji. This process further widened the gap between Sambhaji and Soyarabai on the one hand. As a result, Sambhaji was not invited to Rajaram's wedding, nor was I informed about the sudden death of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj a few days later. Rajaram Shivaji was the son of Maharaj and Soirabai.


Soyarabai and her supporters plotted to capture Sambhaji at the fort of the Panhala, where he was staying at Shivaji's death. He wanted the crown of Rajaram and he did not want Sambhaji to be the Maratha Emperor. However, Sarnobat (supreme commander of the Maratha army) and Saurabai's brother, Hambirrao Mohite, supported Sambhaji because he was the rightful heir to the throne.  
      Annaji Datto Sabnis, other courtiers  Hiroji Bhosale (Farjad), Balaji Aavji, Rupaji Mane were arrested for supporting Soyarabai and were punished in a rather cruel way, by being killed when trampled upon by War-elephants. News of the onslaught of Aurangzeb's invasion of Maharashtra at the time of Shivaji's death came at a critical juncture and a strong leader like Sambhaji needed the hour. Therefore, Hambirrao did not support his sister and instead followed Sambhaji.

      Annaji Datto Sabnis, other courtiers like Hiroji Bhosle (Farzad), Balaji Awaji, Rupaji Mane were arrested for supporting Soirabai and were beaten and killed by elephants in battle. The main reason was that with the support of the Hambir Ravas, Sambhaji was able to return to his throne in 168 AD.

Sambhaji Maharaj retained Aurangzeb apart from North India for 27 years

The remarkable achievements of Sambhaji Maharaj in his short life have had far-reaching effects on the whole of India. Every Hindu should thank him for this. Aurangzeb's 8 million mighty army he fought face to face and forced many Mughal chiefs to defeat the battlefield. Due to which Aurangzeb engaged in the war in Maharashtra, the rest of India was liberated from the tyranny of Aurangzeb for a long time. These are the little children of Sambhaji Maharaj. Sambhaji Maharaj Settlement to the Andejasbamis Reliance Construction and Tributary Prince Hoine Desi Acceptance Expenses for the next 3 or 7 years and answer to the Indian jungle site. However, Sambhaji Maharaj and other Maratha acquisitions (Rajaram and Maharani Tarabai) have been caught up in the conflict and war in the south for 27 years. This helped establish a new Hindu state in Bundelkhand, Punjab and Rajasthan provinces of northern India; In this way, security is being provided to the Hindu community there.