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Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad Overview

Daulatabad Fort 

Found 15 km away from the fundamental city of Aurangabad, Daulatabad Fort is an antiquated stronghold that ascents considerably from the middle of verdant greenery. Frequently hailed as one of the 'seven miracles of Maharashtra', this engineering wonder is accepted to have been worked in the twelfth century. Otherwise called Devgiri fortification, maybe the most captivating characteristics is its area, from the peak of which you can catch a hypnotizing perspective on the whole city. You have to climb somewhere in the range of 750 odd strides up to the top, however the view down beneath is an awesome thing to observe. 

One of the most moving parts of the Daulatabad Fort is its structure which makes it one of the most dominant strongholds of the medieval period. It is based on a 200 meters high funnel shaped slope, which furnishes this stupendous fortification with a key position, structural excellence and assurance from the adversaries. Another special part of the strong Devgiri Fort is its designing virtuoso, which not just gave a secure barrier against adversary powers yet additionally oversaw indispensable assets of water very well. The differentiation of the old structure against the lavish green fields of Aurangabad paints a great picture that takes you back through the pages of the days past. 

Development of Devgiri Fort 

The key and incredible development of the Daulatabad Fort makes it among the most well-saved fortifications in the nation. It is situated on the highest point of a conelike slope and the lower part is encompassed by the channel which was loaded up with crocodiles to secure the section of foes. The entire stronghold is ensured by a few bastions. During the time of the Tughlaq tradition, it was additionally fortified by the different ordinances and the solid mass of 5 km was worked to ensure the relentless structure. There are a few labyrinths and riddles worked at the passage of the fabulous post as a key measure to forestall the section of questions. A 30 meter Chand Minar was likewise worked inside the post during the standard of the Tughlaq tradition. 

Chand Minar at Devgiri Fort
Chand Minar

The development of the Devgiri Fort was particular in its own right, and it was intended to be such so any foe walking towards it is lost track. The fortress had a solitary entryway which filled in as both the passage and the exit. This was done so any adversary troops who attempt to enter through the fortification searching for an exit get caught in the premises. In the former times, inebriated elephants were utilized to tear open the entryways of the fortresses. To keep away from such a circumstance, the Daulatabad Fort has an exceptional arrangement of spikes on the entryways which gave a moment demise to the monster brute. 

Daulatabad Fort Reservoir
The reservoir around Daulatabad Fort

Dauatabad had no equal entryways which were intended to befuddle the foe and the banner pole of the fortress was arranged on the left-hand side. At the point when the foe attempted to assault the equivalent, they turned left, yet the leave doors were on the right, which further caught them in the maze of the post. Serpentine plans of portals, bogus entryways, curiously bended dividers, and numerous such tricks were utilized in the divider to befuddle the foe and in the long run sentence them to crush. Indeed, even the smooth and bended state of the slope was utilized to ensure the Daulatabad Fort against mountain reptile climbers, who might hopelessly fall flat on the off chance that they attempted to move up the mountain. These and numerous other keen situations of assets deceived the foes of Devgiri Fort and kept the rulers secured against any peril.

Trekking to the Top of Daulatabad Fort 

One of the most moving pieces of a visit to the Daulatabad Fort is arriving at the highest point of this forceful building, which must be gotten to by walking. You should stroll up 750 stairs which can take anyplace between 1-3 hours relying upon your speed. The trouble level is anything but difficult to medium and there are a couple of dim regions en route for which you have to convey a light. You will find a good pace characteristics of Daulatabad Fort too, for example, the way that no two doors are before one another, which are very intriguing to note and see as you go. All the exertion and time is made worth by the view from the summit, which is an intriguing declaration of the design brightness of the medieval occasions. 

Daulatabad Fort

History of Daulatabad Fort 

The town of Daulatabad was once known as 'Devgiri' which means 'the slope of divine beings'. The whole township was created by the King of Yadava administration, Raja Bhillamraj Yadav in 1187. The post is considered among the best-protected fortresses in the nation which has endure quite a long while with no adjustment. The prosperous realm of Yadava administration was taken over by the Tughlaq tradition of Delhi under the initiative of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq who caught the town of Devgiri alongside the two posts. 

Toward the start of 1327, when the city of Devgiri was taken over by the Tughlaq line, the name of the spot was mightily changed from Devgiri to Daulatabad. In 1328, Daulatabad was totally taken over by the Sultanate of Delhi and was set up as a capital of Tughlaq line for the coming two years. The enormous populace was moved to Daulatabad so as to set up the standard of Tughlaq administration in the city. The city was surrendered by the Delhi rulers because of the absence of water supply in the territory. Inside the range of two years, the capital of the Tughlaq administration was before long moved back to Delhi leaving Daulatabad in a surrendered state. .



1. Contract a neighborhood manual for know the historical backdrop of the spot. 

2. Convey your water container and eatables with you, as it is hard to discover nourishment slows down close to the stronghold. 

3. Wear appropriate footwear and agreeable garments on the off chance that you intend to trek to the highest point of Daulatabad Fort. Taking breaks between your excursion is an absolute necessity as well. 

How To Reach Daulatabad Fort 

Daulatabad stronghold is found 27 km away from Aurangabad and untruths a 30 minutes drive away from the equivalent. Transports run from Aurangabad to Daulatabad Fort as often as possible, or you can contract a private vehicle that is given by visit administrators.