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Bhavani Talwaar - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Shivaji's golden history comes alive, Bhawani sword made at a cost of four lakhs

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had three unique swords. Bhavani, Jagdamba and Tulja. Jagdamba Talwar is kept in the Museum of England but Bhavani and Tulja Talwar have been missing for more than two hundred years. A person trying to bring these three swords to India for a long time is a symbol of Maratha honor. Professor Namdevrao Jadhav of Maharashtra has prepared a replica of the 'Bhavani' sword. It has cost about four lakh rupees to make this sword. In appearance and stature, this sword looks exactly like 'Bhavani'. The sword is scheduled to be displayed across Maharashtra from 10 December.
For the rebirth of Bhavani Talwar, the services of arms expert Satyajit Vaidya have been taken. The ancestors of Satyajit Vaidya also used to make weapons for Shivaji Maharaj's army. Satyajit has used the same Damascus blade to make a sword from which Bhavani was once made. The sword is made of many metals and its gold is made. A sword will be displayed along with a description of how a sword should be viewed. The people of Maharashtra are eagerly waiting for this special sword.
Bhavani Talwaar  of shivaji maharaj
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A lot of confusion has been spread in the country about Bhawani Talwar that it is kept in the Museum of England. That sword is not 'Bhavani'. On 7 March 1659, Shivaji was on a visit to Konkan. At the same time, his warlord Ambaji Sawant attacked a Spanish ship. From the ship, he found a very beautiful sword of Portugal's commander Diog Fernandes. Shortly thereafter, on 16 March, on Mahashivaratri, Shivaji visited the Saptakoteshwara temple. Here, Ambaji's son Krishna presented this sword to Shivaji.
Shivaji liked the sword very much. He liked its length and low weight. In return, Shivaji presented Krishna with three hundred gold coins. According to today's Gold Index, the value of a coin is about 240,000. Accordingly, today the value of this sword is estimated to be 7 crores and twenty lakhs. Tulja Talwar met him with Jejuri. Shivaji saw the future of his soldiers in the Bhavani sword. He found a solution to the problem of soldiers in the war zone.
When the Marathas and the Mughals had a face-to-face fight, the Mughals lived in profit due to their tall stature. In contrast, Maratha soldiers had normal height and with short swords, they could not attack the enemy properly. The solution to this problem was seen in Bhavani Talwar. He issued an 'international tender'. They wanted to make thousands of swords like 'Bhavani' for their soldiers. Their length was four and a half feet. None of the English, French, Portuguese, Dutch received this tender. The king of Spain filled this tender. The foliage was made in Toledo, a small village in Madrid, Spain. Swords are still made in Toledo today.
The king of Spain was very happy. In return, he presented a similar gemstone sword to Shivaji. Manikya was in it. This sword was named 'Jagadamba' by Shivaji. This is the sword which is kept in the Museum of England. This sword was spread as an illusion by calling it 'Bhavani'. No one knows where the real Bhawani sword is. A year ago, there has been a call from the Shivaji Foundation to return 'Bhavani' to whoever has it. A huge amount of 72 crores has been promised to the person who returned the sword. Shivaji devotees of Maharashtra are also ready to donate Rs 72 crores.
It is rumored that Bhavani Talwar weighs 66 kg. The weight of Shivaji Maharaj was 72 kg. In such a situation, it is not technically possible to lift and lift such a sword. The weight of this sword was only 1200 grams. It is also rumored that Shivaji killed Afzal Khan from 'Bhavani'. This gem-studded sword was not made for war. Royal swords were not used for war. Afzal Khan was slaughtered with 'Baghankhe'.
Speaking to India Speaks Daily, Namdevrao Jadhav said that the newly created 'Bhawani Talwar' will be shown in Maharashtra from December 10. It will be launched from Pune. He said that Shivaji devotees have a great enthusiasm to see the sword.
In 2002, the then Home Minister LK Advani visited Spain. The people there, especially the arms manufacturers came to know that Advani came from India and immediately he rose in his honor and said 'You are the land from Chhatrapati Shivaji'. On that day the leaders of the country came to know that India was also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, apart from Gandhi-Nehru. Bhavani sword is not just a weapon. India's pride is attached to it. This sword brought Spain foreign income for the first time. Bhavani is a complete story
 Sword’ created at the cost of four lakh
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